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News about Opioids Addiction

Trump: To Avoid Addiction, Don't Start Opioids. By Dan Merica, CNN. I agree and disagree. We need to educate the public about the consequences of using opioids to treat pain and hold doctors responsible when they over-prescribe and drug. My dad's doctor prescribed so many medications for his chronic pain and depression that he is like a zombie. He sleeps most of the time, barely waking up to eat, then he watches and falls asleep. He doesn't know if it's night or day. He forgets if he has eaten or not. He is barely mobile and relies on my mom who has gout to care for him. Is that what most seniors who have chronic pain are experiencing? If so, we need to transform the way traditional health care treats pain. I love yoga because it helps me deal with my sciatica. At one point, it was so painful I could barely move. That was in April when I went to see my primary doctor who spent a few minutes with me and she gave me some pills that didn't work. She told me to get physical therapy. I did and it helped but that isn't covered by my insurance. I went to see an acupuncturist who spent 90 minutes treating me and put ear seeds on my ears. That really helped. So, I decided to save on my premiums and have not paid to keep my insurance. It's just a decision I made after analyzing what I really want and if health insurance is right for me. I hope they repeal mandatory health insurance and give me real choice. I have a right and freedom to choose alternative natural preventive care. That is what I am doing. I also practice yoga and use HempWorx pure CBD oil to relieve my sciatic nerve pain.


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